My estub is designed to access different benefit programs, paycheck details, and employee discounts. You'll get to know all the details here. This is an apparel system used for managing the details mentioned above of the employees. Paperless pay is the developer of this company. The paperless-pay is also able to provide you with the freedom of assessing your own performance reviews and the software schedule. The above statement is valid only if requested by the company. 

The login process of my estub

  • The first and foremost step is to visit a website
  • When the page gets loaded, you will be able to see all the details. Please move the cursor to the top left side of the screen or page. 
  • Once you are done doing this, click on the employee portal present there. There you will be provided with two fields. 
  • The first one is the username and the second one is the password. Fill up each of the areas correctly. Incorrect entry will fail you to log in to the account. After you have correctly entered all the credentials, please click on the login button.

The points which need to be noted when you are logging into the company's website

The username of the company should contain a nine-digit number of employees. This number consists of zeroes followed by the first four digits or letters of the first name. Meanwhile, the password you entered must contain the last 4 digits of your SSN. Apart from this, the password should also include CFVH. 

Helping you to unlock your account on my-estub

The company will help you by providing the credentials when you start your work. Apart from that, you need to enter your valid email address whenever you are setting up your official account. This is because if your account gets locked, then your email address serves the purpose of solving the problem. To reset your password, you need first to open the account and login to the page. Once this is done, you have to click on the option "recover password" available there. 

Enter the user ID, including the password very carefully for the verification process. It is always advised to reset your password if possible because this is better in comparison to entering the invalid information. The important thing which you must keep in mind is that if you log in five consecutive times with the wrong credentials, you won't be able to log in again.

The system is case sensitive, so it will ask you to check your credentials properly before entering. If you are confident that you have followed the instructions properly and won't face any problem, then you are an expert. But if at any point of time you face any problem you are free to contact the customer service.

Setup of the paperless pay properly 
The system will ask you to set up a new username and password when you create your account. There are some criteria which need to be fulfilled while creating a password. The password you are setting must contain at least 1 letter and one number including one unique character. There are few steps which you must follow while doing this:

Firstly you are requested to enter your current My estub password. After that you have to re-enter the new password which you want to replace with the old. You will be asked to set security questions, including the answers for safety purpose. You have to memorize the question and the answer which you have put in for security. If not done so, then you may lose your data. 

Features of My-estub
There are many features which are provided by the company for your convenience. These features include the following:
  • You will be notified through email: That is, email delivery is possible. You are allowed to turn on the notification alert from the company. The information is sent in a secured manner and a PDF format. You will be on the better side if you provide your mail address.
  • The notifications will also be sent to you through the SMS system: The Company even provide the facility of sharing information regarding pay in SMS. You can enable this feature by turning on the "active text message" option in your cell phone.
  • Payment listing system is possible in My-estub: This is a new feature by the company where you will be instructed on the screen to complete the process. You will be able to see your past records in the form of a menu.
  • The online pay stub is a feature provided here.
  • Online W2 forms are available: You can also receive the payslips in W2 form if you want.